Hotel |nav|Adria|nav| next summer tourism and sports tourism deals. The mild Mediterranean climate, sea air and pine forests are the main features of the area that are ideal for sports training. We must also mention that the Bar is the only city on the Montenegrin coast with as many as 270 sunny days which allows the preparation of sports better implemented.

Near the hotel there is the sports and recreational facilities: stadium with competitive athletic track and all necessary equipment, a large sports hall, tennis courts and jogging track arranged in a pine forest near the stadium and the sea.

Hotel provides free transportation of athletes to the train station to hotel and back, also free transport athletes to appropriate sport facilities if bad weather conditions and necessary sports teams.

The rooms, restaurant and gym provided central heating.

Using the gym is free.

We also provide storage of sports equipment as well as all other services that are necessary for realizing pravlno sports preparation.


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